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Deberian crear una seccion para aprender a insultar en ingles, nadie sabe cuando lo podemos necesi

December 4, 2017

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Swearing in another language can be a delicate thing. The issue is that swear words in another language don't have emotional weight, so it is easy to use them incorrectly or inappropriately so that you either cause offense or just sound ridiculous.

I once met a native Hebrew speaker who liberally peppered his English speech with the f-word. His intonation was wrong and he used it in the oddest places so that it was just kind of annoying and came across as sounding stupid.

Another example - the in-law side of my family are native French Canadian speakers. Many swear words in Canadian French relate to religion with a few common ones translating to "tabernacle", "wafer", and "chalice". When I was younger I was trying to be cool and dropped one or two of these at a family gathering after hearing some of the men use them earlier in the evening. I got called out on the spot. I clearly had no idea of their emotional weight with the native speakers and/or how and when they could appropriately be used.


Well, It is quite easy. First, study hard so you get a good general knowledge of English. Once you feel confident, take a hammer and strike a good blow on one of your toes. You'll immediately start cursing in English, no Duolingo needed, never fails. Repeat it as many times as words you want to learn.


no se si a insultar, pero estaría bueno una unidad de ingles peligroso, palabras normales que son fáciles de confundir con palabras obscenas, eso si seria útil

Aprende inglés en solo 5 minutos diarios. Completamente gratis.