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I Want To Thank The Contributors Of The Korean Course

I know I'm SUPER LATE but a few days ago I just discovered that the Korean course on Duolingo had been completed and was very ecstatic to begin the course. I haven't been on Duo for a while, at least not consistently due to work but due to some downtime at work I was browsing YouTube discovering new K-Pop artists (DEAN) <3 whom I feel in love with! LoL And because of that, my yearning to learn Korean intensified. Thus it sparked my curiosity to check and see if the Korean course on Duo had been completed and to my amaze it was! =D

Surprisingly, I'm picking up the language pretty well. Prior to this I had already learned Hangul but didn't know where to find efficient resources to improve my Korean after that but Duo...you did it and I cant wait to complete the course.

With that being said if anyone who's fluent in Korean who like to be my skype partner leave a comment. Last but not least, THANK YOU to everyone who took the time out to make the korean course!

December 4, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Aww... you're welcome!


    I have to agree, you made an excellent job on this course. Merci à tous.


    I want to thank them very much, but I'd like to express the course needs work. This course is nearly impossible to follow if you are a total newbie, and if you haven't other resource than Duolingo. Please contributor, improve it to make it really beginners-friendly!


    I hope you didn't expect the course to be perfect from the get go? The fact the course came out as great as it is now lets me know it'll only get better.

    I'm not sure what you mean by making it beginner's friendly when the first step to learning Korean is learning the alphabet which the provided lessons for. Every thing else as far as resources go is up to you to search for.


    I am really thankful to everyone who worked on this Korean course, too! The regular practice has really helped me. Many thanks!

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