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  5. "你最爱什么动物?"


Translation:What is your favorite animal?

December 4, 2017



Not really a correct translation in this case. It would be more "Chinese" to say: 你最爱的动物是什么?

你最爱什么动物?can be translated as "What animal do you like the most?"


你最愛的動物是什麼。It makes sence but it's not a normal speaking. At least, l seldom say like that and seldom hear that.

The more natural way is 你最喜歡什麼動物. Favorite is better translated as 最喜歡的, 最愛的 we use less often, only in some situation.


My favorite animal;


There is NO connection between your translation and the Chinese sentence. 你最爱的动物是什么 corresponds with your translation. Your translator needs to sharpen up.

[deactivated user]

    Well it is certainly NOT a certain owl I know... ;-p AND. When selecting from a number of choices "which" is preferable to "what". "Which is your favorite animal?"


    Aye, but you don't have a list of animal options here; it's open ended, so what is appropriate.


    I thought most liked = favourite. Seems most loved does too.

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