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Favorite websites for supplementing Chinese learning?

I recently found chineseboost.com and fluentu.com/blog/chinese and I've been using them to supplement my textbooks and daily Duolingo practice. Thought I'd share!

Any recommendations for other websites? A lot of tumblr blogs are Chinese focused but mostly post long vocabulary lists, which are not particularly conducive to learning.

December 4, 2017



Slow Clear Listening Practice - Includes transcript in the description "https://tinyurl.com/y9cnzwva"


This is amazing! Thanks so much :)


I've been liking italki at the moment. I haven't signed up for any lessons, but the community is great. You can write journal entries and have your work corrected by native speakers.

https://www.italki.com/i/DGBEbf?hl=en_us (if you sign up through the link I get recognition. Otherwise just google "italki".


Thanks for the tips! I really like the slow Chinese. Chinese Boost has a lot of information -- it's fantastic. These are very helpful. Enjoy your practice!


Looks great, I'll definitely be using it. Thanks!


This isn't a website but I've just started using the chrome extension:

Zhongwen: Chinese-English Dictionary offered by zhongwen-chrome.blogspot.com

It's basically a chinese to english dictionary that brings up the pinyin and definitions when you hover over a word. What's cool is you can press "r" when the definition is showing, and it saves it to a list that can be really easily made into flashcards later.


Watching Chinese TV dramas on Youtube

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