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Speaking Exercises Missing?

I have been using the iPhone version of the app for a week or so, and it's very nice. I don't seem to get any speaking exercises though, and I think those were very helpful the other Duolingo course that I tried (Spanish from English). Have speaking exercises not been added yet or is it possible there is a problem with the app on my phone?

December 4, 2017



It seems that almost all of the incubator courses (courses other than Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese) don't do speaking exercises. Although, I think that Duolingo speaking exercises are very limited in their helpfulness. Speaking with a native speaker and constructing your own sentences while speaking would probably be much more helpful. Try finding an informal native speaker tutor to have conversations with on italki.com


So, it's not a bug or some missed setting, then? I have lots of options for real, native speakers, but was wondering if it was just something with my installation.


Russian and Turkish both have speaking exercises.

Maybe they'll add it later for these other languages. With Russian, they added it some time after the course had been out...the Beta launched without them but they were added in a few months later.


In the past few days starting Dec 4/2019 I have not been seen any Speaking Exercises on my Android app German lessons. The previous twenty days using the app incorporated speaking how ever after skipping that feature using the "can't talk right now" link, it is as I say, not available. Is this a bug?

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