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Is it possible to restart a course?

I am Lvl 8 in my French Course (my first course) and I started Duolingo bit back and I started learning French 3 years ago in school. I haven't been practising for a while so can I wipe all my progress and restart with a placement test?

December 4, 2017



Yes, go to Settings --> Learning Language (it's on the side menu) and then Reset or Remove Languages (it's in grey under See all language courses). Happy learning! ^^


Yes, but why? Why don't you start strengthening your old skills again? If you want to skip sections, you can still do that, up to a certain point.


Just go to the settings ==> learning language ==> reset or remove languages


You can try this: Hover the arrow under your username where it gives you a list of options and select settings. Once you are on settings, there are a bunch of choices on the side to select (such as account, learning language, profile, password and etc). Click on learning language and it shows you the language that you are learning. Right under see all language courses, it says reset or remove languages. Select that and from there, you can reset progress or remove a language you are learning (or languages, if you are learning more than one). Hope this helped, and have a fantastic day!


Go to settings > learning language > reset or remove languages > reset language.

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