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"Prodávám těchto dvě stě zajímavých knih."

Translation:I am selling these two hundred interesting books.

December 4, 2017



i don't see why the answer includes the genitive těchto. Why is not accusative to agree with dvě stě rather than genitive to agree with books?

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It has to agree with the subject. "Dvě stě" is just a numeral.

But you can use a noun "stovka" as well, thus "tyto dvě stovky zajímavých knih".


That is one of the peculiarities of the Czech number system. Maybe think of it like this:

  • 200 is greater than 4, so it requires the “interesting books” to be in genitive plural (zajímavých knih).
  • “These” (těchto) has to agree in case and number with zajímavých knih, even though it is placed before the “200.” (This is the hardest part for me; I always think about it too late.)

This case differs from the situation where the genitive is required by a preceding verb or preposition. Here the numeral would be put into the genitive as well.


How would you say: "I am selling two hundred of these interesting books"?


Maybe... "Prodávám dvě stě z těchto zajímavých knih"? (Hopefully someone who really knows will also respond.)

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