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Starting a YouTube channel for speaking practice?

Hi everyone. I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel to practice speaking in my target language.

Has anyone tried this before and was it helpful?

December 4, 2017



I don't mean to shoo shoo your idea, but I don't think recording yourself while you practice speaking a foreign language and sharing it online is all that helpful. You may not pronounce everything correctly and this could confuse other learners. But recording it for personal use is a better idea. Lets say you record yourself speaking the language you're learning one month. You practice your pronunciation and record yourself again the next month. You can then compare your recordings and physically hear your improvements. Again, please don't take this offensively, I'm not trying to make you feel bad or insult you in any way.


Hi! Noted, but I meant more doing vlogs and stuff rather than speaking exercises. It’s more about opening a discourse with other speakers of the language about how you study that just happens to be in the target language.


I have started doing this on Instagram (I created an account solely for my language learning) and making yourself talk in the language you are learning helps IMMENSELY!


I tried - I made 2 or 3 videos of myself doing some Memrise Spanish exercises. I had fun making them, and I learnt a little from being able to watch myself back and hear how I compared to the Spanish voice.

Ultimately I decided it was too much effort to set up, film, and then edit into something worth uploading to YouTube, compared to the benefit I was getting out of it. Maybe I'll try it again some day, if I can think of a better content idea for myself.

I would say it's worth the experiment - and remember that you're making it for yourself, not for the internet. If you watch it and don't like it, then you don't have to upload it :)


Hey Thalia! About your question, record yourself speaking the target language, then listen it over and over trying to get your mistakes. I used to record my pronunciation while I'm reading a book in English, then I listen these files when I'm doing something else... I think it had helped my listen and my pronunciation. Now, about videos, I didn't try yet, but I think it could help in some way.


Many people have tried and they love it. Do it! ♥

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