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Katakana Question

So, I am a weeb trying to learn 日本語. I recently mastered Katakana, and started writing my name in it. My last name starts "Vi" but because there is no "V" is Japanese, I decided to just use "ビ". Then, I found the U character with a dakuten being used sometimes (ヴ). Which is more accurate?

December 5, 2017



ヴィクトリア This is Victoria in Japanese. I suggest you to follow this and use ヴ


For "vi", follow the ヴ with a small ィ. If you listen to a native Japanese speaker say "vi", you'll notice that they pronounce it with a glide (bwi), and then you might discover that ヴィ makes more sense than it did before.


How do you get the small 'イ'? I've been playing around with names in katakana, and my friend Tiffany's name uses the small 'イ' after the beginning 'テ', and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the small 'イ'.

For reference, I'm learning English to Japanese, and I'm using Japanese IME to type in Japanese.


you can get the small vowels on their own by typing x in front of the vowel, like xi -> ィ

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