"The teacher eats from twelve to one."


December 5, 2017



The use of cong(从) and dao(到), is the "formula" you employ express from one time to another in mandarin.

从 + Time 1 + 到 + Time 2.

Hopefully this explanation is helpful to someone.

December 5, 2017

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Actually, to speak more naturally we should remove 从 cóng from this sentence: 老师十二点到一点吃饭。

We usually add 从 for emphasizing the start of the action, and the sentence should be: 老师 从 十二点 吃 到 一点. (The teacher keeps eating from twelve to one.)

December 16, 2017


Is it wrong to say 从十二点到一点老师吃饭? If it is, why? Any specific rule?

July 25, 2018


Its wrong to say "eats food" before saying "from 12 to 1" i guess. I find it (the order) a little confusing sometimes..

June 10, 2018


wrote 老师吃饭从十二点到一点, is it wrong? Should 吃饭 only come at the end?

April 4, 2019
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