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  5. "Try this food please."

"Try this food please."

Translation:이 음식을 먹어보세요.

December 5, 2017




Could someone please help me understand why the answer could not also be "이 음식을 해보세요" as I thought this was a general "try to do something" compound verb.

정말 감사합니다


I understand it's the object (hence 을), but could 음식은 also work here?


I just look for the verb with the 세요 ending. I just hope it all sinks in eventually.


Wouldn't the other answer "먹언봐요" also work?


I have never heard of the -ㄴ보다 ending in Korean. What does it mean?


From the notes (but I guess you have already figured it out since it has been a year since you posted this...)

~보다 Next we have ~보다. 보다 (to see) attaches to the Casual 아/어 form as well. Stemming from the meaning of "to see," V아/어보다 has the meaning of to try something out, to see how it is. Both 먹어보다 and 마셔보다 can mean "to try" or "to taste," literally "to see what it's like to eat" and "to see what it's like to drink" 읽어보세요=Read it/Take a look at it 해보세요=Give it a try

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