I am currently a 7th grader who takes Latin. I think it would be nice to have Latin one here. Who's with me?

December 5, 2017


how did u give that link?

go to popular posts.

Latin for Duolingo is the unofficial Latin course I've been writing here for a few years. Though it's not interactive, there are links to some Memrise courses that are. It will get you to an intermediate level and should help with what you're learning in school.

I saw it, very cool, good job.

Latin is the second most requested language here on Duolingo (the first is Finnish.)

I also take Latin, but the textbook my school uses teaches us words like, "The Romans fought the Gauls in the forest" heck, I don't even know how to say "Apple" in Latin.

To be fair, for Latin you actually use, there are probably more Romans fighting Gauls than apples.

It is malum, by the way - the genus for apple trees is Malus, not far from the Italian 'mela'

The one bad apple in every bunch is presumably the 'malum malum'...

lol! xD neither do I!

You might want to look into the textbook series Linua Latina per se illustrata by Hans ├śrberg. It focuses on natural acquisition of the language and fluent reading instead of translating and lots of grammar.

I definitely want Latin. I keep waiting for it.

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