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One year streak!

I honestly didn't expect it to be so long. When I started, I thought I would fail at 20-30 days xD

During that year, I have finished the German tree, and my goal for the next year is to do the same for French. Then I want to study Chinese, Norwegian and Russian!

December 5, 2017



Congrats! Is this your last day, has it not updated yet, or is your last day tomorrow? Or is it a mix of all of these?

I can't even imagine getting more than a 7 day streak right now, but I've managed to keep practicing for my first 3 days of Duolingo, so let's hope that continues. But seriously, that must take a huge amount of dedication! It's shocking to me that people manage to pull streaks like that off.


I actually did 365 days, it's just not updated yet xD https://prnt.sc/hj6xbh

Good luck for you! When I first started using duolingo I've had many short day streaks which I lost again and again, but once I decided that I'm NOT gonna stop and here I am :D


Way to go ! Have a lingot.

[deactivated user]

    Congrats! ❤


    bravo! I have got up to 59 days right now,and i am proud of that.

    I dont know how people get more then 150 day streaks, and then you got it!!!!

    Again,bravo congragulations!!!

    also,mery christmas joyeux noel Feliz navidad

    EDIT:merry christmas


    Great Job!!!! I hope you keep going with the streak!!!!


    Awesome! I'm so proud!


    Yaaay! Congrats! :)


    Meanwhile, I'm over here congratulating myself for making it to a two day streak. I seriously admire your dedication. I'm hoping to maintain my streak for as long as I can but I always forget a day...


    Woohoo! Great job, Petrichor876! I wish you the best in getting that level 25 in your German! :-)


    I bet you'd meet your new goals faster if DL Plus didn't exist. Anyway, congratulations. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25442016


    Nice! Congratulations, Petrichor876! ♥


    Gut gemacht! Weiter so.


    Good job! my best streak was around 135, now I want to reach a year as well. so this is inspiring .

    [deactivated user]

      Congrats. I'll be there late next year sometime. ;)

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