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We are well into December. Why is the Christmas Skill Not Available?

We are well into December. Why is the Christmas Skill Not Available?

December 5, 2017



Looking at the comments from last year, it looks like it comes out around the 15th-16th but only stays available for a couple of days. I've done the reverse tree far enough to unlock the bonus skills so I can get it for that as well. I don't want to have to wait another year.


The skill is usually available longer than a couple of days. Last year, there was a technical problem and the developers had to remove the skill from the lingot shop very early.


Good to know. It takes the pressure off a bit.


I wouldn't say we are well into December as it's just the 4th. I say wait about 2-weeks for the Christmas skill to become available.


okay im new to this for high school


I'm one of those people that do Christmas shopping a week, two weeks before Christmas at most.

Plenty of time December just started.


Well, I don't procrastinate. I like to study and get things done on time, or more than before.


I missed it last year, but I plan to get it this year. I’m on almost every day, so I shouldn’t miss it.


I forgot the Christmas skill even existed, lol

It's true though, pretty much everyone is already celebrating Christmas, what with all parking lots packed like a sardine can, and inflatable Santas and Rudolphs on the roofs of stores and lawns of houses. Chirstmas lights as far as you can see, it's like you're in the Griswold Family Christmas movie. Every radio station just about playing Christmas songs so that they get deeply ingrained in your head so that you hum "Let it Snow" or "Jingle Bells" to yourself constantly.

And yet, we do not have the Christmas skill yet...hmmm.


Is the skill only available on certain courses or is it for all courses? I was wondering because Esperanto doesn't have that many speakers on Duolingo, and if any courses wouldn't have it, it would probably be Esperanto.


Certain courses. I think it's only German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French - ie the original courses of Duolingo. I think Esperanto has a few special skills itself.


Yep, it has flirting and Esperanto culture.


i want to know that to

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