Hebrew--Letters one writing practice

This is a practice area for the words in letters one. I would like to go through each lesson set and practice typing sentences from those words and building on each lesson set as I go. This is to reinforce my Hebrew words in order to expand my expertise outside of the lesson structure. Feel free to participate.

I will write in Hebrew and it's translation in English. If you can help correct mistakes, I would be grateful.

Words below: באה, אבא, האבא, אהבה, בא אמא, האמא, האם או, הוא, אוהב, ואבא, ואמא אוהבת, אתה, את, מים, היא אני, יין, היונה, יונה, ואני וחלב, חלב, לחם, ולחם, החלב, חם, לא

Tip: If your computer locks up on you when writing left to right and then right to light. Write the Hebrew and then the English. If necessary press Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C to select and copy so you don't lose something if you think the computer will play up. If it does, reload the page or close and reopen, and then press CTrl+V to paste.

December 5, 2017

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האמא אוהבת יין.

האבא לא אוהב יין.

המים חם.

את אוהב חלב.

אתה אוהבת מים.

מים בא.

The mum likes wine.

The Dad does not like wine.

The water is hot.

.You like milk

You like water.

Water comes.

December 22, 2017
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