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Which is the longest learning tree on Duolingo?

If am not mistaken, the German tree is the longest (124 skills in total)... am I right?

December 5, 2017



I think the Dutch tree also has 124.

Norwegian has 117, I believe... I think most of the other ones are under 100

EDIT: Dutch actually has 123 skills. German has 124, BUT I think that includes the bonus skills, so I would say the Dutch tree by itself is longer than the German tree (at 121 skills) by itself (Unless you are including bonus skills)


Dutch (for English learners) 64 skills (I checked a few minutes ago)

and you are right.... Norwegian contains 117 skills


I just checked Dutch, and it actually has 123 skills... I don't know where you got 64 from.


There was an update to the tree. Some may not have the second version yet.


The second version of the tree is now the default, I think. It's been in beta for a few months now.


Are you checking the tree for English learners?

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Okay, so what language for English speakers has the longest tree? I am curious now.


It probably depends how you count, because some skills only have two or even just one lesson in, whereas some skills have 9 or 10. If you counted lessons, the answer might be quite different.


I am not sure, but I think it's the German tree. They added quite a few new skills to it after it was released.


German, that's why it's so hard to try to make it fully golden... I've never been this close though, less than 20 skills to go :P


It is really hard though hehee I'm working hard on my tree. So tired though :)


I have checked lots of times.... and the German tree is the longest in terms of Skills - 124 in total ... Norwegian contains 117 skills. I do not know where the guys found 123 skills in the Dutch tree... #confusing

This is a great topic... moreover to be motivated to study the German language, because it is very tiring to keep all skills in the golden color.

At this moment I have in Total XP: 25,161 . My goal is to punctuate the German tree to 100,000 and then I retire and go for immersion in scientific texts to continue improving my vocabulary. It is a hard work, but I am motivated and that's really important.

I wish all the best for those who are studying the German language!


Once I found a post with the detail of everything from English, and even when the German tree has more skills, the longest is the Norwegian tree, because the average of unit is higher, You need over 5000 xp to finish it.

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