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  5. "Why are you all not helping?"

"Why are you all not helping?"

Translation:Warum helft ihr nicht?

December 5, 2017



I take it "you all" is supposed to taken as informal as well as an indication to use the plural? I got marked incorrect for typing "Warum helfen Sie nicht?" "You all" is one of those American expressions I find perplexing and amusing.


"you all" is a typical Pearson-ism; this is one of the sentences/translations they created for their course which "leaked" into the public course.

Sie can be plural as well and should be accepted - please report it next time you come across the sentence.


Shouldn't 2nd person plural ("you all") have a plural verb conjugation?


Yes, as ikvilertalen said, it is the plural form. "ihr" is the 2nd person plural and "ihr helft" is the matching plural conjugation of "helfen".

ich helfe = I help
du hilfst = you help (singular)
er/sie/es hilft = he/she/it helps
wir helfen = we help
ihr helft = you help (plural)
sie helfen = they help


"ihr" has its own conjugation, which I suppose you could say is a plural conjugation too, as "ihr" is plural. Just note the difference between "ihr helft" and "er hilft" (i.e. ihr has a different conjugation to the singular pronouns)

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