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  5. "Why are you all not helping?"

"Why are you all not helping?"

Translation:Warum helft ihr nicht?

December 5, 2017



I take it "you all" is supposed to taken as informal as well as an indication to use the plural? I got marked incorrect for typing "Warum helfen Sie nicht?" "You all" is one of those American expressions I find perplexing and amusing.


"you all" is a typical Pearson-ism; this is one of the sentences/translations they created for their course which "leaked" into the public course.

Sie can be plural as well and should be accepted - please report it next time you come across the sentence.


Shouldn't 2nd person plural ("you all") have a plural verb conjugation?


Yes, as ikvilertalen said, it is the plural form. "ihr" is the 2nd person plural and "ihr helft" is the matching plural conjugation of "helfen".

ich helfe = I help
du hilfst = you help (singular)
er/sie/es hilft = he/she/it helps
wir helfen = we help
ihr helft = you help (plural)
sie helfen = they help


"ihr" has its own conjugation, which I suppose you could say is a plural conjugation too, as "ihr" is plural. Just note the difference between "ihr helft" and "er hilft" (i.e. ihr has a different conjugation to the singular pronouns)


'Ihr alle ' means ' you all' right? Then why it is incorrect to type- "Warum helft ihr alle nicht?"


Why isnt helfen sie accepted?


Why isnt helfen sie accepted?

Helfen sie? means "Are they helping?".

It doesn't mean "Why are you all not helping?" -- you didn't translate "why" or "not", and you used sie "they" instead of Sie "you".

It should be Warum helfen Sie nicht?.

Unfortunately, that's not on the list of accepted answers, though it should be.


Which part of this sentence is dative? I really don't understand.. please any help..


Which part of this sentence is dative?

No part of this is dative.

But the verb helfen, if it takes an object, takes an object in the dative case, which is why the verb is introduced in the dative lesson. You may find sentences that contain this verb even without an object.


@mizinamo thank you.. I just have one more question..is this why here helft ihr is used and we can not use euch (you all) or helfen maybe? Because i wrote so and was marked wrong. I wrote warum sind euch nicht helfen?


we can not use euch

That's right -- euch is the object form, but "you" is the subject of "are helping", so you need ihr for "you (all)".

I wrote warum sind euch nicht helfen?

sind does not belong in that sentence -- German does not need a helping verb "am, is, are" to form the present tense.

you are helping = ihr helft

are you helping? = helft ihr?

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