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  5. "别紧张!我会帮你。"


Translation:Don't be nervous! I will help you.

December 5, 2017



Don't "worry". I think that that is a fair translation of 紧张 .


Except that 紧张 literally means "nervous," not "worry." If they wanted to say "Don't worry," the Chinese would be 别担心。 I agree it sounds strange in English, as "don't be nervous" is not something we'd normally say in this context. But the literal translation is not the same as the original sentence.

Can any native Chinese speakers confirm this, please? I'm quite certain of the meanings, but it's always good to have native-speaker confirmation.


It would essentially be the same. In this context, it would make more sense to use "Don't worry", but as a direct translation, 紧张 would be "nervous".


'Don't panic' works too

[deactivated user]

    But, but, BUT! Who will help US?


    Is it really wrong to translate it as "I'm going to help you"? I wrote it that way and got it wrong.


    Does Duolingo not have audio for these later lessons or is that just my computer?


    I hear audio on mobile ok

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