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Something is different

Has anyone else noticed something different with the questions today?

Normally I do 70 or 80 points in 50 minutes but this morning I did 140 points and the questions were far too easy.

Previously I would be given complex sentences but this morning I had to spell out "wasser" two dozen times. Also the questions kept repeating. And I don't mean the normal behavour when you get it wrong, the same questions were in there multiple times. If I get something right I don't need the same question again.

Who every invented the new algorithm shouldn't have, it's not good.

December 5, 2017



I did a Strengthening lesson in German and the questions were like usual.

Are all of your skills gold? Because it sometimes happens: if the tree is full gold, and you push "Strengthen skill", it makes you repeat the same basic stuff again and again.


I noticed this the other day when doing something in the Korean tree, it kept on making me write the same thing over and over again.

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