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Please Duolingo: Tips and Notes in mobile App


I gather that this is the place to provide feedback to Duolingo?

I desperately want Tips and Notes to be accessible in the mobile app, not just in the browser app. I do most of my duolingo exercises on mobile, and it's really frustrating that Tips and Notes are not there at all. Often these will succinctly explain a general rule that is not apparent from simply learning the vocabulary. Dear Duolingo: can you please make this accessible on mobile?

Thank you!


December 5, 2017



Yeah , I have always wondered why 《Tips and Note》 is not included on Duolingo app . I usuaslly prefer to do the exercises on the app but I have to take grammer lessons on the browser and switching between those two is somehow tiresome.


This has been promised. Unfortunately, it's also been promised that when they come, they will be only in an abbreviated version, more befitting the app medium. You may well be able to access them now via your mobile browser. I personally cannot but have been told it may be possible with a different mobile browser, perhaps Firefox. Just use the "get desktop version" option when on a lesson page of the tree.


I didn´t even know Indonesian has Tips and Notes until I saw it in my browser. The Tips and Notes for Japanese are accessible on the mobile app though.

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