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Offering help with course's English translations

First, I would like to thank the creators and moderators of this course for taking the time to make such a welcome resource. I'm enjoying working through the tree so far, and it's obvious that this will be even better by the time it's out of beta.

I'm offering my time to add alternative English translations to Chinese sentences, and/or approve suggested answers, without changing any existing content. This is because I've found (and I've noticed that others have also found) that there are many correct ways to translate a sentence, but that many have yet to be accepted. The result is that less time is spent learning and more is spent trying to figure out which answer is the most likely to be accepted. There is also a small amount of inconsistency in the accepted answers, and all of this is to be expected in a new course, I'm just offering my time to speed up the point where the course only tries to correct my Chinese.

Once again, I'm extremely grateful to those responsible for the course so far!

About Me: I teach English in China, and I've been learning Mandarin for just under 2 years, currently studying for HSK4 & 5.

December 5, 2017



I think you can apply to contribute here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply/zh-CN/en

Good luck! :)


Good to know, thanks for the suggestion!


You are welcome. :)

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Your best bet for helping was to contact the moderator(s) of the course and convince them/her/him that you could add value to the team. Unfortunately, with the private message streams gone, I am not sure what the most efficient method would be these days..

You should search discussions forums for "how to contribute." One possible discussion might be at:



That's very helpful, many thanks!

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