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Learning my pronunciation.

Hey everyone. I've been working on my pronunciation since my friend who speaks German and who has German parents and who has gone to Germany a few times said that I need to work on my pronunciations. I have a few ideas on how to do this and if you think that my ideas are good then please let me know so I can go and focus using that technique. If you think they're not so good then also please say and then I won't use that method. So I was thinking that since i play with headphones with two headphones over both years I could take one of them off and just plonk it on my head so I can hear my self. I was thinking this might help since I can work on pronouncing better if I can hear myself. Also what if I note down words that I can't pronounce right and then memorize with the correct pronunciation? Well. Those are my ideas so please tell me if you like, dislike or completely were confused about my ideas.

Liebe Grüße


December 5, 2017



I think that works fine! Thank you for sharing


Hi Cluney,

I think you can use this technique even it is in my opinion a difficult one. Another way to 'correct' yourself is to record your voice. Take parts of films youtube whatever (3-4 sentences) listen carefully then repeat them and record it. That way you can compare and correct yourself.

The best way to learn pronounciation and speaking in general is a good conversation conterpart. Your friend can help you. Try to speak German with him as often as you can. If you pronounce something not so perfect he can interrupt you briefly (how do you say that correctly?) and repeat the word in the right way. You repeat it and than you continue your conversation.

this short correction without a lecture or something like that are in my experience the best way. If you practice on your own recording or listen to yourself are good ways to learn.

Best regards Angel

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