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"How many siblings do you have?"


December 5, 2017



I think 个 is not necessary. Will a native speaker clarify.


I didn't add the 个and was marked correct, so it must be acceptable.


Is 几个 used for countable nouns and 多少 used for uncountable nouns?


几个 is used for small numbers and 多少 for larger numbers. In general 几个 is use when the answer would be 10 or less. Look at the tips in Payment and Time-1.


Chinese makes no sense!


“you exist how-many [Classifier] bigbro-littlebro-bigsis-littlesis”.

Doesn’t look all that illogical to me :)


I digress. I much prefer having no pointless suffixes and prefixes to interfere with the meaning of a word and much perfer its simple yet powerful grammar.


A lot of languages make no sense. First they make up rules then modify them due to the problems created by the first set of rules. French is similar too because the masculine/feminine gender divide of le and la, un and une, breaks down in a lot of situations. A man can be called une person (a person), while he is un homme (a man). That means he changes his gender depending on whether he is addressed a person or a man. It makes absolutely no sense.

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