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Suggestions for Duolingo

I saw that a lot of moderators look through the forum for new languages and suggestions that might help make duo lingo better for everyone.

So I just want to put my thoughts for a few new language courses and perhaps some other ideas.

Feel free to write your own comments. It's a long post I know, I'm sorry I got carried away ha :)

1) New Language Courses.

-Finnish (I know has been really popular in demand - personally I'd love to learn this language)




2) Improvements for Duolingo Clubs

I recently made another post about Clubs.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: I'd love to be able to have an age restriction on clubs so that it is a similar age group learning the language, just for safety measures. I know Duolingo is really safe anyway but I think this feature would be really useful.

WEB: Bring clubs to PC/mac. I use Duolingo on my mac more than my iPad.

GROUP CHAT: Maybe a group chat feature (providing that theres an age restriction on groups for example the moderator/admin of each club can choose what age range they want their club to be)

MEMBERS: More members per group. Not too many but more than 15 perhaps around 50-100.

I can't think of anymore improvements for clubs.


  • I think that we should be able to have the friend page at the top, not on the sidebar so we can search for friends and its more visible.

  • Also pages at the top for the incubator, events, stories, tiny cards etc... makes it more accessible.

HOME WORDS DISCUSSION EVENTS STORIES INCUBATOR CLUBS follow by the language button and profile stuff.

(I don't know if this makes sense or not)

of course these are just suggestions and my thoughts. I love duo as it is and I'm not going to stop expanding my knowledge of languages if it doesn't change but I'd be interested in seeing if there are any improvements or suggestions for duolingo that anyone else has.

December 5, 2017



I like all these ideas. Support.

As for the Finnish course, there are so many Finnish speakers who are willing to contribute to the course (at least that I've seen) and so many people who have expressed their desire to learn Finnish here. At this point, the question is really "why hasn't Duolingo opened Finnish?" However, several people (including I) are anticipating the opening of Finnish tomorrow, Finland's 100th Independence Day.


Wow, i've noticed a lot of Finnish speakers and willing to learn Finnish people on here.

Great reply, thanks for the support haha :)


what are tiny cards and incubator?


I feel like they have more important stuff to work on before they start non-essential things


I agree, I just wanted to give my suggestions and see what other people thought


Finnish, Croatian, Tagalog, Afrikaans, Galician, Slovenian, Albanian, Persian... would love all of these.


Galician would be cool, I don't think Catalan or other spanish languages are available for english speakers either, I might be wrong. I'd love to learn afrikaans and croatian too..... oh and Latin :)

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