"Eu niciodată nu revizuiesc!"

Translation:I never review!

December 5, 2017

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Would 'revise' fit?


It is accepted.


Is it correct to say: "Eu nu revizuiesc niciodată." ?


Revise is the word usually used in English for going over your course content with a view to fixing in your memory. Review is not used in this way normally. It is more likely to be used if you write a paper for publication that covers the breadth of what is known on a subject, or you look back over some activities (perhaps learning activities) and consider how they went - looking for good and bad points to try to improve in future. The sentence here: "I never review" seems very wrong therefore and should be "I never revise."


Review" is used for going over your course content in North American English. (I'm Canadian. I studied in the US. In both places, "review" was the normal term for the concept, and "revise" would have stood out as foreign/British. To me, "revise" is what you do to something you've written when you change it to make it better.)


Thanks, Estel. We also use revise to mean make changes to in England. I wonder if the Americans have made as many changes in their Spanish as they have in their English? I know the Canadians speak a certain amount of non French French!


It's interesting that revise and review have the same root and mean to look again; the difference in usage is in the purpose for looking again. As for changes to Spanish, 'vamos' means 'we go' in Mexico and 'Vamoose!' means something different across the river in Texas.

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