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Keeping a Streak

I've been struggling to keep my streak together, sometimes getting to 30 days and then dropping the streak. Any tips on keeping a streak? Also, should I keep spending 10 lingots on the Streak Freeze?

December 5, 2017



Lower your daily XP Goal and try to use it just once or twice a day, rather than binging it in one day. Also I always have a streak freeze equipped so yes i would spend the lingots to be sure I could keep my streak. :)


I very much agree that you should set your XP goal very low; think of it as encouragement to start doing some DL each day. Then do only as much as you feel comfortable with so that you don't burn out or start to see DL as a burden. I do lessons first thing every morning, and occasionally come back later in the day if I have the time and desire.

Lingots aren't good for much other than the streak freeze, so why not spend them? Once you get into a groove, the freeze will be more about protection from things you can't control (like tech glitches or other events in your life that overwhelm your day) and less like a "cheat" to achieve the streak.

Streaks can be very effective motivation for regular language practice, which is the best way to make progress. Good luck!


I guess the best way to keep a streak is to have a goal. My goals were to finish the norwegian tree, french tree, and German tree. I would get hundreds, sometimes even over a thousand xp every single day.

Now that I have done that, I usually only get 10 or 20 xp per day, and it's really only for the sake of keeping my streak. I really want to have another goal, so I can start earning more xp like I used to, but it's hard.

I do sort of have a goal. The Hungarian tree. It's just really discouraging because I have spent so much time and effort on it, for over a year, and I am still not even half way done with the course.

So the best thing I think to do is to stay motivated to learn languages. If it is something that you desperately want, You will want to learn any time you have free time. In stead of watching tv, reading books, or playing video games or anything, you will make time to learn.


If you lower down your daily goal then you wont be struggling to keep you streak.


Do your practice first time in the morning.
You have to build the habit to practice everyday, after that you will keep your streak effortlessly.

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