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Losing motivation

I've noticed over the past couple days that I seem to be losing my motivation to do my lessons. My streak still motivates me enough to get my daily goal everyday (or least get a streak freeze for the days I might not be able to do) but I don't seem to have any motivation to get my exercises gold or go above my goal by more than 10xp anymore. It just feels like so much work now. Any ideas on how to get me more motivated again?

December 5, 2017



I feel like this sometimes - it's usually because I've been doing a high daily XP for a sustained period and I'm ready for a break.

It's fine to go through hot and cold periods - and you should alter your study pattern in response to this feeling - it's best not to force yourself if you're not feeling motivated.

Turn your daily goal down so that you don't drop your streak completely, and in a week or two you'll feel refreshed and ready to pick up the pace again.


I agree with this very much. The great thing about the streak is that it keeps you going, even when your are not very motivated. I think it is a bit up and down for everyone.


Are you using other resources? Watching You Tube videos or reading books in your target language? Maybe remember why you wanted to learn the language in the first place? I am middle aged and have come to the realization that I don't have to finish every book that I start. Life is really too short to waste your time when time is so very precious. Maybe start a different language or try something else for a while. Why torture yourself with something you dread or really don't enjoy when you have no reason to put yourself through it.


Have a lingot for the drop of wisdom. :)


Thank you for your kind words and the Lingot.


I found focusing on keeping my streak alive was more of a negative than a positive for me. I actually benefited more from taking a clean break when I started feeling bogged down. Typically I would study hard for anywhere from 1-3 months before I started getting frustrated or just bored. I would take a break, maybe a few days, a week or two or even a month or two. The one thing I noticed is that when I was ready to come back, whatever I was struggling with was actually easier and more clear.

Keeping the streak alive seems to be a great motivator for some, but I firmly believe it is not for everyone. For me, I found myself eventually just going through the motions to maintain my streak without making any progress. Being free of streak worry can actually be quite liberating.


Honestly I've found using the language you're learning throughout your day out loud is a great motivator. When I personally do it I find words that I don't know or the inability to form long sentences. It motivates me to come back for more every day.

If that's not your cup of tea get the mobile app and join a club. You can try to beat everyone else xp wise and be at the top of the leaderboards for the week!


I think the streak it is a way to teach to yourself about discipline, and some times could be no motivating. I was around 6 month very motivated with Swedish, but then I just decide 2 weeks to rest, but finally turned out 3 month, so I would recommend just keep going as far as you can to push your limits farther. To me is very convenient to come to the forum for example, because I can practice my English and to get and extra motivation to open the website, but sometimes it is nice as well to change the way to learn, so I use Memrise and Readlang. Finally remember why you are learning those languages. Greek and Hebrew are the original languages of the old and new testament, is this your motivation?. Well, as you know, everything is possible through him :)

[deactivated user]

    When I went through a discouraging time (it was a couple of months) it was my streak that kept me coming back everyday. Remember why you wanted to learn that language. Tyler-37's comment is great. Especially about the clubs they are a real encouragement.


    Maybe you should take a break from it? Do nothing related the language for the whole week (except keeping the streak going) and then remember all the reasons you wanted to learn it in the first place and get to work! :)


    Hi - I felt like this , I took a short break and I am trying book some lessons to go hand in hand with this course - Good luck


    I feel the same way a lot of the time....but, I'm a pit bull. I just knock out a lesson or two with my coffee every morning. Good luck. Take this Christmas Lingot.


    It is normal to have your "ups and downs", when it comes to any extra curricular activity, or hobby. This is "The Law of diminished returns". Don't feel guilty about it.


    I read in another thread that the staff seems to have made the multiple choice exercises difficult (sentences not so easy to guess / exclude), so this might be what you are experiencing right now ;)

    • I would have suggested to take a story on the Duo Labs, if you would have been learning Spanish or Portuguese :-)

    • Set your coach goal to 1XP on the web and stick to it.
      Use the "timed practice" to collect 2-4/6XP per day for a while.

    • Try different resources like Mondly (others have said about mixed experiences depending on courses!), Memrise, 50languages (100 days course, native recorded MP3), Lingvist (sorry, but Greek and Hebrew are not there AFAIK).

    • A motivation would be, to see some "useful sentences" in action: Test the offical Memrise 1-7 courses which also add phrases/sentences, if they make any sense for your both languages

    • Add some long-term members from the www.duolingo.eu or SHOF streak lists to your web dashboard: They easily do 1000-1500, 2500, 5000 or even 10.000XP per week!!!
      If this won't push your DuoLingo exercises, nothing will.

    • Join a club on the Android app and compete against 14 other users, who learn the same language pair!

    • If you don't have a smartphone: No problem, install an Android emulator for your PC/Windows.


    Do not worry, as this happens to all of us every now and then. I used to earn 400-500 xps a day now I'm down to 40-50. I believe I'll start doing more soon and so will you. Cheer up! Remember why you started DL. One day you will go to Israel or Greece and find a great pleasure being able to communicate with the locals.


    Act like you are motivated and you will soon be motivated.

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