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  5. "We are from Brazil."

"We are from Brazil."

Translation:Wir kommen aus Brasilien.

December 5, 2017



Can there be a lesson on countries in German in this section? Will be helpful for implimenting them in this exercise.


I cant always remeber how to pronounce/spell Brazil in German!


Why does it say that is wrong if you spell Brazil instead of Brasilien?


Because you are expected to answer in German, and the German name of the country is Brasilien.

Just as it would be marked wrong for the reverse translation if you answered "We are from Brasilien" -- you used the German name in an English sentence, where you should have used the English name of the country instead.


Pretty interesting response since there's not exactly been a geography lesson at this point. Expected to give the German name for countries without having ever been told what they are.


Of course, this raises the question - why do countries decide that they get to rename another country? If I meet someone named Miguel, and decide unilaterally that I will call him Mike, because that's the English version, that's inappropriate. In the Spanish course, putting "John" in an English version where the Spanish said "Juan" would be marked down. This (the practice, not Duolingo supporting it) is more than a little skewed. (And yes, I'm aware that bringing this up in a course labeled as "German" is somewhat ironic; however, the fact that Americans do it as well doesn't make it appropriate.)


We're learning the principles of language here, and those were formed far before respect for people and cultures was forced into peoples.

But then, are they calling names on each other? No, that's just some old word that remained. Everyone does that, and noone's getting angry about it -- it's different languages and cultures, and a person from one cannot plainly tell a person from other, what to call them. French call Germany "Allemagne", Latvia calls Russia "Krievija", Brazil is actually called "Brasil" and you English speakers just butcher the name.

Point is, let them do in peace what harms nobody, because you do the same thing. And even if you didn't - that's your choice that you cannot force unto others. Also, you've never in your life called Japan and China by their true names, so shut it.


i don't understand when do we use kommen and kommt and the others like them....


Ich-Komme Wir-Kommen Du-Kommst Ihr-Kommt er,sie,es-Kommt Sie/sie (Formal you and they)-Kommen


i wanted to see if DUO accepts other terms and vocabulary. so i translated this as ; WIR STAMMEN AUS BRASILIEN and it was acccepted. I am glad it was.


What's the difference between we are from Brazil and we come from Brazil?


They never said that Brazil is Brasilien. I lost a heart over this. How was I supposed to know when they never mentioned it? This should be reported


If you tap on the word, there is a drop down with appropriate translation(s). It took me a LONG time to figure that out - a bit frustrating to not know that from the start, but oh well.


I agree with u.. It s same to me


Whats the diffrence between kommen kommst and the other one


Based on the subject you use, it is different. Example: Ich komme... Du kommst... Er/sie/es kommt... Wir kommen... Ihr kommt... Sie kommen...

They all mean the same thing, they just are used differently based on the singular or plural subject being used in the sentence.


It shouldn't get heart when they don't teach us that it called Brazilian instead of brazil


why is "Wir sind aus brasilien" not accepted. is it wrong?

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