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Streaks no longer public?

Sorry if this has been discussed – I couldn't find it. Are the streaks no longer public on your profile? I kind of liked seeing it there, for me as well as on other profiles.

December 5, 2017



If you have the achievements test active, I don't think you can see streak (I'm uncertain about this), and you can't block users.


You're right. Users who were switched to the "achievements view" can't see another user's streak and location info, and can't block them. One workaround I found is to open other user's profile page in a different browser on which one is not signed in to their duolingo account.


I have been inactive for quite a long time, what is the achievements view? O.o


The achievement view is the name I use to call the new profile page appearance that duolingo has implemented for some of the users (so it’s an A/B test). A user that has been switched to the achievement view will see on their profile page a collection of badges that show different aspects of that user’s performance. Also, the user will start to see other users’ profile pages differently (as OmegaGmaster and I explained).
This is how the badges look like (the performance of the badges in the red frame will be different for each language that the user is learning; the one in the picture is for the Spanish tree that has 61 skills):


Dude! how did you learn so many languages :p?!


Lots of dedication is required.


You ment free time?! :)


That too, and lately I haven't had much of that.


if you want to see another user's streak, open that user's profile page in an incognito window (chrome), private window (firefox).


I see your streak just fine.

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