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  5. "Můj otec je známý člověk."

"Můj otec je známý člověk."

Translation:My father is a well-known person.

December 5, 2017



Is there a difference in using "osoba" and "člověk"? As I know both means "person", and both are accepted here.


člověk is literally "human", "a man" (meaning any sex or gender) or "a man" (a male person in particular)

osoba is literally a person

But the usage of these words differs in our two languages. Where one language prefers one the other language may prefer the other. It is best to see many sentences and observe the actual usage. Most often, both options will be accepted here at Duolingo.

I believe English will more often choose person where Czech will choose člověk. In this particular sentence here "osoba" is also perfectly natural.


Why can't I use 'known' here?


"Je známý člověk" in Czech means a person who is widely known, "well-known".

"Acquaintance" is just "známý" or "můj známý" without "člověk."

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