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  5. "저는 한 시간 동안 말을 못 타요."

"저는 시간 동안 말을 타요."

Translation:I can't ride a horse for an hour.

December 5, 2017


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Does this mean "an hour is too long for me to ride a horse", or "it will be an hour before I am able to ride a horse again"?


i think it has something to do with the placement of 못 that determines whether it means you are "not physically able" to ride a horse for the duration of an hour, or it needs a different word to say that you can't ride a horse until an hour is over.

TBH i think it's the first one. that "I cannot ride a horse for the duration of one hour"


It is closer to the second meaning but could mean either depending on context.


"I cannot ride on a horse for one hour" is the literal same?? gonna report it. (7/9/18)


I have the same answer but with "can't"


The audio on this one threw me off. The end sounded like "말을 못 해요". I don't hear the "ㅏ".


Duo can't ride a horse for an hour because it hurt


Don't they usually use 말 like this for talk not horse?? lol


말 is a noun means conversation, so 말을 doesn't really make sense, to talk should be something like 말하다 or 말해


I can't ride on a horse for an hour should be accepted.


Haha i have the same answer without "on"


"I can't ride a horse during an hour." marked as wrong. What is difference with "for an hour"?


In English "during" indicates within a period when some condition is true. "For" indicates a length of time. E.g. 1) "I study during the day" (i.e. not at night). E.g. 2) "I studied for a day" (an entire day). You can ride a horse for an hour but "during an hour" (which hour?) doesn't make sense.


I see. Thank you.


못타요 ㅡㅡㅡ 탈 수 없어요로 고쳐야지요

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