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Would love to see flashcards return to words

I have tried tinycards, but tinycards lacks what I found most useful in the words flashcards:

1) Automatically pulled from words you've learned in lessons

  • You didn't have to navigate manually to the lessons you'd done; words populates automatically with the words you've learned

2) Pulled from various lessons at once - organized all according to word strength

  • This allowed you to review words from various lessons and contexts at once, which among other things meant that if you were strong in one area of vocab with a few exceptions, you could review only those exceptions without having to go through a bunch of words you know well to get to them

3) Single, fluid review interface - don't have to navigate through decks or lessons

  • I liked being able to click flashcards and just have an infinite deck come up. This meant that I could review for as long or as short as I wanted, without feeling like I left something incomplete. It also made it easier to review, since I didn't have to go looking for the lesson I needed to review, or switch between lessons when I'd finished one. One button. Click, review.

Tinycards is set up in independent lessons. You have to go through each lesson in order to unlock the cards, and the lessons themselves aren't exclusively flashcards in the first place. So the platform is less flashcards and more a flashcard-y language vocab course.

This may be a very helpful tool, depending on what you want, but it's no replacement for the flashcards in words. Please bring them back!

December 5, 2017



I do not know how to or I would. I want to have it like that too.


I, too, keep hoping that they'll return. They were an extremely effective and efficient method of learning vocabulary, as Duolingo automatically worked out one's weakest words from across all completed lessons. Tinycards is no where near as good a learning tool-and sometimes inaccurate. As it is, I have a long list of WORDS (where the flashcards used to feature) that I'm unable to scroll down,nor am I able to rearrange the words into weakest, etc. I accept that this maybe because I'm using a tablet, but at the present time the WORDS are just a pointless feature, because I'm unable to access them. My cynical mind wonders if they will reappear in future, but we'll have to pay to access them.


Never tried that. Thanks!


Agreed, but there is zero chance Duolingo will bring back integrated flashcards

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