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I would like to remove myself from the English for Spanish speakers course

Unfortunately, it's my only language for Spanish speakers so I can't delete it without signing up for another unwanted Spanish speakers course that I then wouldn't be able to delete. The only way around it seems to delete my account and make a new one but I don't want to remove all my English speaker courses and their progress. Does anyone know how to do this? If it is impossible, I'd like to ask that it be considered by Duolingo when they have time.

December 5, 2017



It’s impossible at this time. You can reset it but not delete it. Just ignore it...


I would not ignore it




Planned but low priority:

A way to remove courses from different base languages even if it's the last course from that base language
(for now, you can reset your progress in a course to have it not show up in the dropdown)

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