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  5. "He is above me."

"He is above me."

Translation:Er ist über mir.

December 5, 2017



Why is "mir" being used here instead of "mich"?


Why is "mir" being used here instead of "mich"?

Because über is one of those prepositions that can take either the dative or the accusative case, and uses the dative case to indicate location but the accusative case to indicate destination-of-motion.

And here, "above me" describes a location, so you need the dative case: über mir.

über mich would indicate that "(to a point) above me" is the endpoint of some motion, but "to be" is not a verb of motion. (The motion may actually continue past the point above you -- der Ball flog über mich "the ball flew over me / over my head" indicates that the ball started somewhere, flew until it was over your head, and then continued flying -- since it can't stop in mid-air.)


this link has a VERY helpfull sheet for me (about cases) and i hope also for you https://www.reddit.com/r/German/comments/277y3g/german_cases_cheatsheet_resubmit/


does it mean, that he is my boss, or that his apartment is above mine?


Could be either.


Thanks, had the same question


oben = "at the top" -- it's an adverb, not a preposition, so you can't follow it with a noun or pronoun just as you can't say "he is at the top me".

über is a preposition ("above, over") and so that is what you have to use here to make über mir "above me, over me".


Is a different word order acceptable here: "er ist mir über"?


Is a different word order acceptable here: "er ist mir über"?

No. Prepositions such as über come before the noun or pronoun they modify.

(In your sentence, er ist mir über, über would be an adverb and the meaning would be "I'm sick of him".)


I thought Über means "across"


It can mean that in a context such as "walk across the street" (über die Straße laufen), with the accusative as a destination of motion.

But with the dative of location, it means "above, over".


I thought in the “tips” section for this section that über is always on the Akkusative. So why is it er ist über mir and not mich?


The most common accusative prepositions given in the tips section are: durch, für, gegen, ohne, um. And "über" is in the two-way preposition category.

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