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I just learnt how to do something cool on duo!

I searched how to make words link to another page, and I wanna show you guys some and try to show how.
-----> checkthisout...socute
Ok. I'll show how to do it. So first, do an opening square bracket: [
And next inside that write the words you want someone to click: and then close bracket it e.g. [lookiehere]
Then, in normal brackets - right next to what you've just written - put the LINK to the website or what you want that person to view e.g. (https://awesomebutboringames.edu)
Post the comment/post, and that should work!

December 5, 2017



More formatting info can be found on the unofficial Wiki: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Formatting


or, just go to word, type whatever you want, then click, add hyperlink, (add you hyperlink), then hit the space bar, and well what do you know, it's done!

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