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how to stay focused?

I used to do so many lessons a day. Now i am lucky if i do two lessons. I don't know how to stay focused. I want to finish learning German but i don't know if i'll make it there.

December 5, 2017



Hey, two lessons isn't bad at all! As long as you're doing a little bit each day you'll get there in the end, even if it feels like it's taking forever.


Das ist die Wahrheit.


danke, und ich weib!


Some people are motivated by doing things well (finish a lesson quick)...
a few like to compete with others and fight (getting more XP than others)....
some others like to surmount odds and challenges (learning difficult grammar or languages)...
depends which one you are...

Also, if you learn something new or interesting in a language it could motivate you. Or if you got to use the language daily - for example in online surfing or shopping or news. (daily language dairy.)

So try and repeat previous lessons and see how well you do in them - maybe you have forgotten some previous lessons.
Listen to radio programs in the target language.
Try to read the newspaper.
Try Youtube videos - be careful - some are fun but you won't make much progress in learning - Try the Learning German with Jenny videos
Try story listening or reading - Lucas Kern.
Try learning from a different website or try to download pdf books.

A lot of times, doing other things gives you different ideas, a different outlook, a different insight - and so builds interest.

Either way, when you engage in the activities above it should give you reason to learn the language.

Later on, as you get better and can write full sentences - try exchanging messages and text with someone - the conversation with someone nice can keep you learning.

Learning a couple of lessons daily may not build expertise enough to be fluent.


It's not about being focused. It's about motivation. Try and motivate yourself each day. YouTube and talking to people works for me. Good luck. Ich spreche auch deutsch.


Living in Germany right now. It is much easier to stay focused when I have to speak it on a day to day basis, but I have been told that watching movies I know well, but in German can help to keep me refreshed and learning words that I wouldn't learn here.


wow that is awesome!! i have always wanted to visit germany!

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