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Changes in the multiple choice answers.

Hi Duolingo Team, I have noticed that you have changed up the multiple choice answers and made them a lot more difficult. I really have to take the time to see where the teeny differences are, whether it's la bougie or le bougie. It is keeping me on my toes and I really like the change as you know, the devil is in the details. This is helping me learn. Thank you.

December 5, 2017



I've noticed it too and love it!

It's a lot better than just picking the one without the weird words that make no sense at all. Sometimes in timed practice, I didn't even read the question or solutions, those jumbled up sentences were so irritating that I wouldn't have learned anything anyways - not anymore and that's good!


Exactly! The timed practices where I would just look at the last word and usually it was pretty easy to pick the right one, but not really learning anything.


I like it too.

But now your Userstyle lesson script does not work anymore, as the white translation box is again under the text....so maybe again class auto-generator changes?
Or am I dreaming (using on my 2nd PC just the generated user script, not the style; will re-test on my 1st PC)???


Hmm, it shows up correctly for me... Can you make a screenshot of it, so I know how it looks for you?


Je suis d'accord !

I'd noticed that too, and I like it a lot. Having to click that "solution" = "solution" was not much of a learning aid, but the new exercises really do make you pay attention and learn better!


I think I noticed it for Portuguese.
I like it too.

But where has "alternative answer solution (the once from the sentence discussion" gone to?

It was shortly there for my EN-PT Portuguese tree, as I explained it in another thread.


I do not like to read sentences with tiny mistakes in. It makes me echo them in my mind and make mistakes further down the line.

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