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Time/ Hours Spent on Duolingo

Hi Duolingo, please add the option of displaying time/hours spent on learning languages in our profile.

December 5, 2017



A bit of it can be guessed from the levels actually, they are not related to your actual knowledge of the language but to the number of exercises you made (either new ones or just strengthening your skills).


But it doesn’t apply if you’ve tested out of anything, and I don’t think anyone is 100% consistant with how long it takes to complete lessons


that would be really nice


that would be pretty cool, but I suppose most of it can be guessed like the previous comment said. plus you've got the streak too which is a pretty good indicator


If you take 5 mins per lesson like I do, then divide your EXP points by two to get minutes (or by 120 to get hours). In this case you get 16 hours for Spanish (1959XP/120 = 16.3)

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