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Word Order in German


I was just wondering what the word order is for German. I assume it is SVO, like in English, but I could be wrong. Thanks for your help!

December 5, 2017


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You are right . Some mor good advices you will find there > https://www.thoughtco.com/german-sentences-in-the-right-order-4068769


The link talks about the 3 adverbials of "Time, Manner, and Place: Wann, Wie, Wo". There is actually a 4th kind - the adverbial of causality (Wieso/Weshalb/Warum/Wozu), which describes the cause or conditions as well as possible consequence of the main action in the sentence, e.g. "Wir gingen <trotz des Regens> spazieren." (We went for a walk <despite the rain>). The position of an adverbial of causality is between Time and Manner, so the usual order of adverbials is Time, Cause, Manner, Place. There is actually a nice German mnemonic to remember this: "Tee-Kamel" (tea-camel). Stripping this down to only the consonants "TKML" (i.e. "TCML" in English) you can easily see how this abbreviates: Temporal/Time, Kausal/Cause, Modal/Manner and Lokal/Location.


it is SVO but with a Verb Last clause, when you have 2 verbs in one sentence the 2nd verb has to go at the end of the sentence and when you have certain words like although and because also changes the word order to verb last. for example.

Mein name is Mike, SVO

Ich muss mein bett machen, 2nd verb last

Ich habe noch nicht geschlaffen obwohl ich muede bin, subordinate clause " obwohl " connecting sentence word makes 1st verb in 2nd clause in last position of sentence.

Hope that helps.


This playlist by Deutsch Für Euch (DFE) was the way I learned sentence structure https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDl7JofqmDnE11FmtCfbiOBc4tJ9Ewlue

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