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  5. "Tohle má ráda."

"Tohle ráda."

Translation:She likes this.

December 5, 2017



Why not "He likes this"?


That would be "Tohle má rád" (no a at the end of rád)


I wrote: "She likes this"-- it was flagged as wrong, because the correct answer is: "She likes this" Clearly a problem with the app.


There is no point discussing these over and over, it just adds noise. We can't do anything. If you feel the need, then report as "My answer should be accepted." That is more useful than discussing it because we have at least some evidence.


hi , How would you say she likes these?


Here is a fun (?) Learning Opportunity for you. Using the sentence above as an example, have a look Demonstrative Pronouns at this link, and see if you can work it out. :-) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_declension#Demonstrative_pronouns


The translation DL insists on (She likes this) is rather awkward in English-- it feels like something was left out (She likes this book). I suspect that "She likes it" is better, but I can't tell whether it correctly conveys the meaning of the Czech phrase.


That is "Má TO ráda.", not "tohle".

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