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Best way to immerse yourself through Netflix?

Right, I'm trying to soak up as much language as I can for Danish and Italian, and I was wandering if Netflix is the way to go - if so, should the subtitles be in English and them speaking Danish / Italian or vice versa or everything in Danish / Italian? Thanks everyone :)

December 5, 2017



I highly suggest reading up on the movie, what it's about etc. in English then watching that movie in the language you are trying to learn without subtitles. It forces you to really listen to what their saying and challenges your listening abilities. Because if you have subtitles on at all you rely on them as a crutch instead of really paying attention to what's going on. Your brain will fill in the blanks as to what is happening since you already know the general gist of the story.


I prefer to watch with target language subtitles as it helps me to solidify the connection between the written and spoken language.


Here's a catalogue of movies/series on Netflix with good subtitles, sorted by language: http://languagelearningwithnetflix.com/catalogue.html

Also, here's a free extension that adds bilingual subs, pop-up dictionary, and improved playback control: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lln-language-learning-wit/hoombieeljmmljlkjmnheibnpciblicm


I find watching anything with subtitles in the same language is really jarring - we sort of expect odd mismatches in translation between spoken X and written Y, and you end up using the subtitles as a crutch. When the two don't agree in the same language, it seems to break my concentration.

I would try English subtitles on, then drop them. But my preferred method is to watch movies/shows I have already seen, so the story becomes a strong context for understanding the spoken language.


Thanks for the advice!

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