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  5. "Wir sind unter Männern."

"Wir sind unter Männern."

Translation:We are among men.

December 5, 2017



How can you know that unter does not mean under here?


That would be pretty far-fetched. "We are among men." simply is by far the most likely meaning.


But in this same lesson we have "She is above me"... which, sure, makes sense in some contexts but might not be immediately apparent. I'm confused as well because it seems that this could be confused as the same type of wording as "She is above me".

Although, it would have been more obvious had I known unter also meant among, Duolingo didn't have anything in the help for this lesson explaining each of the prepositions and what they mean in particular cases.

Duolingo seems to have some very odd phrases so it's hard to tell when to use common sense.


But now you will surely remember that unter also means among, among other things, not only under. So as a teaching technique, it worked... :)


I also find many phrases posed by the Duo community of writers odd, many politically cultural.

[deactivated user]

    Because Duolingo is a polite place ;)


    agree, in a work/social hierarchy one coundcsay we are under men, meaning that men are over us, thus making the rules or governing.


    I am feeling that the purpose of this lesson is to make me quit learning german


    I know the feeling! It's not easy - but have a break (cup o'tea) and reflect on how far you've come!


    Expanding on what Joanna has written re: tea breaks, check out writing by Barbara Oakley on how we learn. She discusses active and passive states of learning. I recommend it for anybody here that likes language learning, math, and learning in general.


    Why is there a n on the end of manner?


    Dative case plural adds -n


    I like the idea of 'we are under the men', coming from a female Kookaburra.


    This is bound to have trigged some people.


    I forgot for a second that "triggered" is misused outside of psychology contexts and thought you were saying there's something widely trauma-affecting to this.


    Why is less than men wrong when it is actually given as a translation in the drop down?


    My question as well. If it is incorrect, how would you say "we are less than men" then?


    That's exactly what I said only, you didn't get it


    I can sort of imagine a context where this might just make sense but this is a family show. C'mon!


    what's the difference between Männer and Männern?

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