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Translating German genitives into English

Hi, I noticed when translating plural genitives from German into English, I get an unreportable error, in that my answer is still accepted but I am told I have a typo. Typically in English, the singular genitive is sometimes marked by an apostrophe preceeding an s, whereas, if the same construction is used for the plural (as opposed to other ways of expressing possession, like using "of" or "from") the plural genitive is marked by an apostrophe following an s:

"I am my parent's son" -- I am the son of my parent

"I am my parents' son" -- I am the son of my parents

The latter is recognised as a typo by Duo but still accepted (corrected to a sentence without any apostrophes at all), so that when the report button is used the option "my answer should be accepted" is not there. There are a few instances of the plural genitive in the course, so it would be good to fix this. Thank you!

December 5, 2017

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Words with an apostrophe at the end have a general problem, not just in the German course -- I would suggest that you edit this post and move it from the German to the Troubleshooting forum.

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