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Does anyone have any good Japanese recipes?

I would like to create a discussion on recipes so that everyone can share any good Japanese recipes that they have.

When a recipe is shared, everyone who views this can create their own delicious food with the help of Duolingo users!

I'll also make a discussion for Vietnamese food soon! Thanks for reading! - DarkLugia5

December 5, 2017



I don't have a specific recipe, but a website that has recipes. Nami shares great Japanese dishes. You can check out her site at the link. :) https://www.justonecookbook.com/


Seconded - this is a very nice site.


I was looking more for traditional family recipes to be shared. I would prefer if the recipes were not found online, but thank you for the suggestion.


Did you even look at the site? Nami has a lot of traditional family recipes.


Are you looking for recipes written in Japanese or recipes in English of Japanese dishes?


English, Japanese dishes.

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