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  5. "你怎么翻译这个句子?"


Translation:How do you translate this sentence?

December 5, 2017



That's terrible Chinese! It's a word for word translation from English! I think themost natural way to ask that question in Chinese is 這個句子怎麽翻譯?


I asked my wife (native Chinese speaker). She said both Duolingo's sentence and yours are perfectly natural and normal sounding Chinese.


As an ethnic Chinese and native English speaker, I think both are fine. Your example can be used as an open-ended question addressed to many people. The answer on the other hands is directed specifically to 1 person the subject is talking to (you/你). I am not sure if there are differences between the colloquial usage in China and Taiwan but kudos on your ability to read and write traditional Chinese!


So, in Chinese, does 你 refer JUST to the specific person being addressed, and not to any person in general (like it can be in English)? (For example, in English you can say "You shouldn't judge a book by its cover", which can be re-worded as "A person (anyone) shouldn't judge a book by its cover")


In this case, we use 我們 means anyone. So in your sentence, in Chinese logic should be "We shouldn't judge a book by its cover."


Well, 這個句子怎麼翻譯 & 你怎麼翻譯這個句子 are both natural and correct, but used in different situation.

The 1st one I will translate "How to translate it". The second, I'd like to translate "How do you translate it." I don't know do they mean different in English, but in Chinese, I consider it's different.


Yes, it is different.


Wow! It's good that we have a leading sinologist here, looking out for us.


The audio/answer is just straight up wrong. They are definitely not saying 怎么, they are saying "zao".


The male voice sounds correct now 4/25/20.


你怎么翻译这句话?With Baidu Translate, of course!

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