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Time spent learning the language - proposition

Hey. I've recently read some articles about how we should rearrange thinking about time we spend on learning a language and not think about the learning process in years but rather in the total amount of time we spent in hours. There is also this site suggesting how many hours it takes to learn particular languages: https://www.boredpanda.com/language-learning-difficulty-map-europe/?utm_source=facebook_medium=link_campaign=BPFacebook And it got me thinking. Would it be possible to introduce some sort of a timer on duolingo, which would tell how many hours one spent learning the language? I think it could be more motivating to learn and would save from some frustration we sometimes meet with thinking about our progress. I'm doing the norwegian course and I wish there was such a thing.

I don't know where to post it but anyways, share your thoughts.

December 5, 2017



The main problem is that, for non-timed lessons, the lesson can sit idle. I'll sometimes leave my phone or computer in the middle of a lesson to do something. That is not time spent studying, but it would count as such.

If you want a rough estimate from available info, you can take the XP you have, divide by 10, and multiply by the number of minutes it usually takes you to do a lesson in that language. That would probably be a more accurate gauge than straight time taken.


Hm. I think that majority of people here still go for the rather ideal and more convenient form of studying without leaving the lessons in the middle. But of course everyone has different reasons sometimes. I mean in case of this kind of clock it would be up to one's choice to just simply quit the lesson or not care. The solution you give is interesting but I don't think it's accurate enough. I think it would be interesting to see duo offering you an option to see how much time you spent on particular chapters or what words you've wrote badly the most etc. But it's a bigger project.


Lingvist actually has such a timer, and they pretty obviously manage to avoid counting idle time. I'm sure Duolingo could, too.


Yeah I have my learning time broken down. U.S. gov says 450-600hours to become spanish fluent

Duolingo for me 120xp = 1hour sometimes faster sometimes slower but that's what I use for my tracking time.

So at 4360 xp I am 36 hours into an estimated 525 hours to fluency. Or about 7% in.

That's just my duolingo time I am also tracking my other program. I am about 10% into becoming spanish fluent, seems about right.


As a rough estimate, divide your EXP points by two and that should give you minutes spent (more or less).

Idiomas Nivel EXP total minutos horas

Noruego (Bokmål) 21 17566 8783 146.3

Danés 4 220 110 1.8

Español 3 155 77.5 1.2

Portugués 1 24 12 0.2

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