"František married her."

Translation:František si ji vzal za ženu.

December 5, 2017



Oh, so there's a whole phrase for that, cool :)

Is the version for marrying a man "vzat si někoho za muže"?

December 5, 2017


Yes, 'vzat si nekoho za muze' is perfectly legitimate ('to take someone for a husband). L

December 6, 2017


myslil jsem to bylo vdát se pro ženy a oženit se pro muži. Jako on s oženil ženu a žena se vdala muži. Jsem nesprávný?

December 7, 2017


Hi. I am not entirely sure but I think that it was just the words vzala and vdala that threw you for a bit of a curve there? .. But you're not incorrect in that 'ozenit se' indeed refers to a man marrying and 'vdat se' refers to a woman marrying. The example in the sentence above is just a different way of expressing the fact that someone got married, really .

Frantisek si ji vzal za zenu = Frantisek 'took her for a wife', Frantisek se ozenil = Frantisek got married, Frantisek se s ni ozenil = Frantisek got married to her

Jana si ho vzala za muze = Jana 'took him for a husband' (married him), Jana se vdala = Jana got married, Jana se za neho vdala = Jana got married to him

I hope this helps and hopefully without confusing the matters too much :).

December 8, 2017
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