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Share your Duolingo story!

One day, i learnt how to say Bonjour, and Au Revoir, and i decided to learn french. i am now about.. 18% fluent, and i can say, Bonjour! Comment ca va? J'aime pullet. And thats true! i love chickens!

December 5, 2017



Uh... I started Duolingo about two years ago. I am learning french because my grandfather learned french to share the gospel in New York.


That's cool. I served a mission in France for my church and that is where I got to practice my high school French. Even though we'd had some training beforehand, it was really hard for me to understand the language. Duolingo has definitely helped me improve my French since then. Bonne chance avec vos etudes.


oh, your mission trip sounds amazing!


That is really cool


No, no, no. Its "j'aime le poulet" and no "j'aime pullet"


I started about two years ago learning Spanish to get ready for a family missions trip to Mexico and when we came back I wanted to keep learning. I started Portuguese later because my Uncle speaks it. Since then I have started to realize how much I love learning different languages! ; ) #LongLiveDuolingo!


I started using Duolingo back in September. I was originally using books to learn Hebrew, but after a while I stopped retaining it. So my mom told me to start using this website..... And it has been a tremendous help!

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