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Possessive adjectives


I'm sorry to spam things on the board as there are lots of people asking various things and this is probably an unnecessary question, but the search option isn't really helpful so I can't get any answer, and I guess I can get a more reliable answer here than anywhere else:

I've done the level "Possessive adjectives" and I've got a question - how often is this kind of thing used? Can't we go with just Genitive for possession or are the adjectival forms more popular for some nouns (like names and family members, like in the level)?

Also, something I've noticed - do they decline any different from regular nouns? (I mean, they of course have to agree with the noun they're describing, just that the patterns are the same as those of nouns).

December 5, 2017



They are frequently used in place names (buildings, squares, institutions) and street names when the place or street is named after someone.

Read this excellent article: http://cokdybysme.net/pdfs/possadjs.pdf


Děkuji, velmi užitečné :)


once you are done with this skill, would you please comment on what you would like the tips/notes to explain more than cokdybysme, if anything? i am likely to get to writing those notes before long. thanks!


I think that cokdybysme covers the topic pretty well and I don't think there's something I'd want to ask that isn't answered in the article.

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