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Mange or manges?

I started duolingo a just today and I am trying my best to learn the French language but there's one thing I keep getting wrong. Mange and manges. Don't they both mean "to eat" or something correlating to "eat". Anytime I get questions with these, I always seem to have problems. Can someone please help explain the differences between those two words to me?

December 6, 2017



i think it's a matter of conjucation, but if you move this into the french section of the forums (hit edit then select the appropriate category from the drop-down list, dont make a new post) then you'll get more answers


Conjugation of "manger" -> http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-manger.html

Je mange ... I eat tu manges... you eat


The tips and note are always a good place to look for grammar hints. See:



it depends on the subject. I, He, and She use mange (je mange, il mange, elle mange) but singular you using manges (tu manges).

its like in english, you are using eat or eats depends on the subject doing the activities. similar but with different rules :)


Those are two conjugations of the verb "Manger" (to eat) which is the infinitive. Je mange (I eat), Tu manges (You eat- informal), Il/Elle/On mange (He/She/One eats), Nous mangeons (We eat), Vous mangez (You eat- formal), Ils/Elles mangent (They eat) You cannot put a verb without a subject in French, it cannot stand on it's own except in command form which you will learn later. For now, I would suggest learning the conjugations of some of the common verbs and the patterns within. Look at the notes under each section and they will explain everything.


"manger" is the infinitive. It means "to eat." However, you have to conjugate this verb properly, or else it sounds weird. in english, you wouldn't say, "I to eat." same in french. depending on the subject (I, you, we, etc.) you have to conjugate this verb je mange tu manges il/elle mange nous mangeons (this is tricky, be careful) vous mangez ils/elles mangent


I have problems with mange and manges

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